Burnt Skin

by Raw Nerves

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released July 1, 2011

Vocals - Matt Svendsen
Guitar - Matt Noble
Guitar - Matt Burks
Bass - Jonathan Hughes
Drums - Erik Trexel



all rights reserved


Raw Nerves Portland, Oregon

Portland Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: Burnt Skin
grip her hand to show your twisted sense of ownership.
tormenting bribes and telling her where to stand
maybe materialism will keep her by your side
better think twice 'cos someday she'll find revenge.
you ignore her freedom
you avoid her choices
prevent her from breathing
and it's really too bad that
you're not the only one.
what makes you think you could ever expect
a right to a body other than your own?
i cannot ignore the sickness you supply
and the implications of all your fucked up lies.
you ignore her freedom
you avoid her choices
prevent her from living
and it's really too bad that
i'm gonna have to stop you.
when will she exfoliate the drool-burnt skin,
uncover the abrasive emotions that you hid?
Track Name: Delusions
live just to climb a broken ladder
in a benign movement
total cause dilution
from rebellion to assimilation.
nothing you have done
inspires association.
the cause is so cliche
reduced to a crappy b-movie remake
born into inherent arrogance
turning strength into complacency.
your only compassion
is fraudulent fashion.
contributions include a
drunken swagger and sneer
even the stock market
has a brighter future.
nothing can be said
to wake you from this dream
it's surprising to me that you
even remember how to breathe.
Track Name: S=KlogW
S = k log W
one book against
one billion hours
of extensive
research and testing.
one belief versus
infinite evidence
this flaw has no future
this faith lacks facts.
quantum tunneling has
drilled a big fucking hole
through your bullshit
excuse for a soul.
expansion is universal
entropy is exponential
your bearded schmuck of a savior
is proportionately inverse
inflation is universal
disorder is exponential.
quantum physics = infinity!
religion = no solution!