Ad Nauseum

by Raw Nerves



new track for upcoming four song EP title "Not Alone" out this Fall


I wake up with a splitting headache
As they announce another war
Is this a nightmare or reality?
I can’t tell anymore
Between the lies and misrepresentations
Is this a new threat or is it their creation
The pundits tell me that it’s my way of life
They hate our freedom
And so we have to fight
They exhort morality
Lauded by society
This paranoia’s killing me
What if it’s all true?
I can’t believe this shit
It’s starting again
The leaders pass the judgement
Media makes the case
Context is a hindrance to the official line
And the rockets’ red glare light up another sky
They distort reality
Laudanum for society
This media blitz is killing me
It’s killing you it’s killing me
The warhawks dictate

Ad nauseam
The talking heads regurgitate
Ad nauseam
The jingoes pontificate
Ad nauseam
We sit and stare sedate
Ad nauseam


Mike Dubose: vocals
Matt Noble: guitar
Matt Burks: guitar
Jonathan Hughes: bass
Erik Trexel: drums



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Raw Nerves Portland, Oregon

Portland Hardcore Punk

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